Post Purchase Counseling

Brand New Day operates a comprehensive post- purchase education and counseling program to assist all homeowners with special counseling for those who are having difficulties managing their mortgages or their homes. This program includes post purchase education, and foreclosure prevention counseling, as well as foreclosure intervention services.

Post–Purchase Education classes utilize the NeighborWorks America's Keeping The American Dream Curriculum as well as elements from HUD's post purchase education curriculum. The topics covered are, money management, community involvement, Home maintenance and repair, hiring contractors, and financing home repair and remodeling.

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Foreclosure Prevention Services

Encompasses pre-foreclosure education and counseling, where participants are taught to manage their money during homeownership, how and when to refinance, and how and when to contact their mortgage or loan servicing company.

Foreclosure Intervention Services

Provides emergency assistance with contacting lenders and negotiating for loan modification, forbearances, short sales, and deed-in lieu programs for participants already in foreclosure. Participants are also provided with credit counseling and financial fitness education to help them manage their finances for continued homeownership.

Participants who feel they have been victims of predatory lending are referred to the Attorney General and to agencies that assist with emergency refinance and rescue funds for fraud victims. This program also provides referrals to rescue fund services.






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